BS 2017 – Student & Practitioner Competition!

Building Simulation 2017 will be held in San Francisco, California USA, on August 7 – 9, 2017

Conference information:

Please visit the Conference site for all further information.

A key aim of the conference is to have practitioners and researchers world-wide interact to identify simulation needs and share information on new methods and tools. This means that we need to attract more practitioners from around the world to the conference.

The Building Simulation Student Modelling competition has been announced on the Building Simulation Website

The deadline for entrants to submit a notification of their intended participation is February 06, 2017; and the deadline for completed submissions is March, 31st.

Please note that this years’ participation is different from previous years. As such the two finalists will be invited to attend the BS2017 conference. As part of their prize award, their registration fees will be waived and they will be reimbursed by up to $2000 each in travel expenses.

The two finalists will be expected to attend the Building Simulation 2017 conference and to prepare a short presentation and produce a poster for display at BS2017. Based on the conference presentation and poster, an overall winner will be selected and announced at the conference.