About us

IBPSA, the International Building Performance Simulation Association, is a non-profit international organisation of building simulation researchers, developers and practitioners, dedicated to improve the occupants’comfort and the environment. IBPSA is structured in regional affiliates present in many countries world wide. IBPSA-CH is the regional affiliate for Switzerland.

In extension of the advancing and fostering of building simulation in research and application, IBPSA-CH has dedicated itself to the goal of strongly involving practitioners. IBPSA-CH’s objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of information between researchers, developers, practitioners and authorities acting on the topic of building performance simulation in practical application.

Building Performance Simulation areas covered by IBPSA in general are :

  • Acoustics: Room acoustic, acoustic insulation
  • Building equipments: HVAC, renewable energy
  • Building physics: U-value, moisture and condensation, thermal comfort, thermal bridge
  • Energy demand: Heating and cooling demand of buildings
  • Environmental impacts: Life cycle impacts assessments (energy, materials, transport and services)
  • Fire: fire spread, occupants evacuation
  • Indoor air quality: natural and forced air flow
  • Integrated simulation: data modelling, interoperability and integrated simulation
  • Lighting: daylighting and artifical lighting
  • Teaching and e-learning: Advanced simulation teaching, Web-based lectures

IBPSA-CH bylaws are available here